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Infection with hypodermatosis of animals occurs only in the summer, mainly during the summer of insects. Acquired immunity also has a smaller percentage of damage to adult animals.

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Penetrating under the skin of arcoxia, and then into the spinal canal, esophagus and other internal organs, the larvae of etoricoxib gadfly cause mechanical tissue damage, accompanied by inflammation of the regressive-exudative type and have a general toxic effect, eventually causing the development of a severe chronic disease, reducing weight gain and milk yield.

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For a year, each cow affected by larvae loses 80-200 liters of milk (4.5% of the annual milk yield), and a calf receives an average of 13-18 kk of meat. After hatching from the egg, the larvae penetrate the skin through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue.

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At the same time, when the larva penetrates the skin, a wound is formed in it, from which serous exudate will be released, after some time the wound closes with a scab, and the exudate dries up. The moment of penetration of the larvae of the subcutaneous gadfly into the tissues is very painful and is accompanied by strong anxiety in the animal.

Larvae of the esophagus, moving along the neurovascular plexus, penetrate the mucous membrane. During their movement, they cause tissue damage, which is accompanied by sweating of exudate and blood cells from damaged vessels. Inflammation develops, which is accompanied by swelling and local pain. After the inflammation subsides, damaged tissue areas are replaced by connective tissue.

The very path of migration of larvae of the 1st stage in the body of the animal is directed to buy arcoxia online spinal canal, and also passes along the vessels and nerve trunks. With the accumulation of a large number of larvae in the esophagus, its function is impaired, accompanied by swelling and a decrease in the patency of the esophagus.

Larvae of the subcutaneous gadfly, accumulating in large numbers in the spinal canal, can lead to paralysis of the hind limbs. The process of the approach of larvae to order etoricoxib online tissue of the back of the animal is accompanied by inflammation. At the same time, some of the larvae die and gradually resolve, and the remaining chitinous cuticle is first surrounded by cell proliferate, then by a connective tissue capsule, which eventually undergoes calcification.

With a large number of larvae, the inflamed areas merge with each other, forming a continuous festering surface from the outside. In some animals, when the larvae die and the integrity of the capsules is violated, the inflammatory process acquires a purulent-necrotic character, spreading to the subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue. Anaphylactic shock may occur, often fatal. In such animals, the eyelids, lips, anal area swell, the animal breathes heavily. The resulting defects are filled with connective tissue.

Particularly great harm to the animal is caused by larvae of the 2nd and 3rd stages, which parasitize in the subcutaneous fistulous capsules. As the larva grows, the focus of inflammation and the capsule around it increases in size. On palpation, the inflamed areas of etoricoxib pills are hot and painful.

When the larvae are introduced into the skin of the animal, they appear. itching, swelling of the subcutaneous tissue, on palpation of the migration sites of the larvae, we note soreness. Symptoms of the disease are more clearly expressed from the moment the larvae approach the skin of the back and the formation of water nodules. First, dense tubercles appear up to 5 mm in diameter with a small hole in the center oron the side. After 2-3 weeks, the tubercles already become visible visually, and the fistulous openings reach 3-5 mm in diameter.

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As the larva grows from the fistulous opening, the secretion of serous fluid increases, which glues nearby hairs. On the body of a severely affected animal, there can be up to 150 or more nodules. 90% of water nodules are localized in the back and lower back, the rest in the sacrum, on the chest, neck and occasionally on the crown of the tail, crown and lower abdomen.